Elijah – June, 2020

12 rounds of Chemotherapy. 17 rounds of Immunotherapy. 26 rounds of Radiation. 12 Cancer vaccine injections. 3 Surgeries. 19 Bone Marrow Biopsies. 64 Scans including CT, MIBG, PET, X-Ray, & MRI. 38 trips to NYC from Ohio. Numerous trips to our local hospital. Countless number of blood and platelet transfusions. Too many ‘pokes’ to count. And loads and loads….and loads of medication.

Meet Elijah.

ONE boy. Yes, ONE VERY STONG 6 year old boy who is currently fighting his 2nd relapse for Stage 4 high Risk Neuroblastoma. He has fought and beat cancer three times now. Diagnosed when he was 2.5 years old, he has consistently been in treatment since September of 2016. Hospitals and treatment is his normal. He doesn’t remember a time before it all began. He has been faced with obstacle after obstacle and yet, he still smiles. The saying “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” encompasses what it is like to see him fight. He has a long road ahead of him. His doctors aren’t sure that he will ever be cured. It is assumed his cancer will keep returning time and time again. Still, when he is kicked back down, he gets right back up and fights.

Despite enduring so much, he really is just a young boy who likes to play video games, build forts, and try dangerous things (when mom isn’t looking, of course). More times than not, he is the most energetic kid in the room. Someday, he says he wants to be a dad, and a carpenter. His favorite color is gold, and he currently talks about nothing but Pokémon. He is one of six children. He loves playing with his siblings and hates when he has to leave them all.

He is brave and strong. He needs prayer for continued strength and fight, for minimal side effects, and for no future relapses.

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