Jacob – May 2018

Meet Jacob, TPFL’s May Hero!! We are so blessed by your donations that allow us to keep providing financial grants to families who have a child fighting cancer! Please read the bio below from his mommy:
It all started on June 21, 2015 when we were out for lunch for Father’s Day when we noticed Jacob limping. My mother instinct said to take him in to see the doctor. Urgent care could not do much and told us to follow up with his doctor. We did as we’re were told and they ran blood work and ran some x-rays. The devastating news came on June 25, 2015, “Your son has leukemia.” We were admitted to a place we didn’t know was going to be our new home for the next year and a half Rady’s Children’s Hospital.
After the first bone marrow the results showed no leukemia cells and Jacob was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome. We were told he will need a bone marrow transplant as this slowly turns into leukemia. Well apparently the leukemia had plans to make its appearance and after three months of a type of chemotherapy treatment Jacob was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia M7; a very rare type of leukemia and is hard to treat.
The journey ahead of us is one no one is ever to expect. Jacob endured three hard core chemotherapies along with the complications with it. After the multiple chemotherapy treatments, blood transfusions, complications, and hospitalizations, Jacob was ready for his transplant. He received a cord blood transplant in January 2016 and declared cancer free!
Jacob is now 6 years old and doing fairly well. We are dealing with the side effects of the chemotherapy, however this strong warrior has not allowed this to stop him from being the amazing young boy he is.

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