Zoe + Anel | July / August 2018

Meet TPFL’s Heroes of the month for July and August!! 
Anel is a Neuroblastoma warrior being treated for his 3rd relapse at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC. We were able to provide help to cover their rent because of our amazing supporters! To follow Anel on FB please go to Anel’s Battle with Neuroblastoma.
Zoe is a San Diego resident being treated for Stage 4N Neuroblastoma. This brave girl just had her tumor resection and handled that much like everything else, a total cancer slayer!! Our organization was able to provide them financial assistance to cover their mortgage and groceries. Please follow Zoe on FB at Prayers for Zoe Figueroa.
These children and families mean the world to us and NONE of it could be done without your constant support. We are eternally grateful❤️#tpfl #hero4life #slaycancer #brave

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